Louvre Abu Dhabi

As I approach Louvre Abu Dhabi by foot, I see three guys on a boat, right next to the bright white gallery box below the ground level, wiping the marks left by the sea where the gallery meets the sea.
It takes energy and love to live with great architecture. You can not leave a piece of lemon on a beautiful kitchen counter built by natural stone. I believe living with great materials; great buildings require love and care, just like how beautiful clothes can not simply be thrown to the washing machine.
Louvre is the most beautiful building in the United Arab Emirates. It provides an outdoor public space, shaded by a beautiful roof, surrounded and penetrated by water. One can spend hours going in and out of galleries, resting under the giant roof in the museum. This outdoor space is a unique experience in a country where it is only acceptable to be hanging outdoors only seven months of the year.
The planning of the museum is divided into three clusters; one is the main exhibition space, second is the temporary exhibition and event space, third is the cafeteria and public building. The cafeteria is not extremely expensive and has decent food and a beautiful view of Abu Dhabi.